Our team

Joshua Decatur


A cannabis supply chain expert and experienced farm manager, Joshua founded Trace to address the trust & verification problems he experienced working in the industry as it transitioned into the legal market. Joshua is passionate about communicating complex ideas simply and effectively, and cohesive team building.

Paul Lintilhac


Paul has been a blockchain expert and enthusiast since 2012. He co- founded Trace because he was excited by the unique use case presented by the hemp and cannabis markets; namely, the development of better market standards for product tracking and verification.

Sara Wells


After five years with Goldman Sachs and brief stints in craft beer and coffee, Sara made her way to our team through a shared interest in the budding cannabis and blockchain industries. Sara brings her range of sales and investment experience to Trace’s growth initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Griffen Fargo

Director of Product & Engineering

Griffen Fargo is a graduate of the Champlain school of design in Burlington Vermont. He is a fantastically talented full stack developer who has been an invaluable addition to the work being done on both our regulator product and hemp exchange.

Trevor Schell

Sales Director

Trevor joined Trace after working with a dispensary within the medical cannabis field. While working with medical patients, Trevor learned first hand the importance of trust and transparency in hemp and cannabis products. Trevor will be working to introduce users to Trace and keep them satisfied as we continue to scale.

Todd Bailey

Director of Government Affairs

Todd is President of Government Affairs at Leonine Public Affairs, a 50 state public affairs firm located in Montpelier, Vermont. Todd has been engaged in government affairs for thirteen years as a lobbyist and as executive director of the Vermont Conservation Voters.

Gabe Koss

Software Engineer

Before joining the Trace team Gabe was Director of Engineering at cyber security company Pwnie Express. As a full stack engineer and startup veteran Gabe has a proven track record of helping new projects come to fruition.

Connor Kirkwood

Software Engineer

After working as a sales rep in the craft beer industry, Connor attended Fullstack Academy’s Immersive Software Engineering program and began his new career as a developer. After spending some time in FinTech, Connor joined Trace as a part of the backend team. He is a lover of NodeJS and Test Driven Development.

Brian Ludlam

Software Engineer

Brian is a Vermont native as well as a passionate and seasoned blockchain developer. He graduated from Vermont technical college before spending nearly a decade developing a wide variety of software for companies like Nodepool and Northshire software. With ten years experience as a developer Brian brings sharp technical data skills to the Trace team. He fosters a focus on Web3, NodeJS & GraphQL.